Friday, August 24, 2012

Kids Sandwich Ideas!!

Making kids eat healthy food is a challenging task for many parents these days. The following idea was passed on to me by one of my good friends. I obviously upgraded the idea to make it more interesting. Guess what.. these days my kids tell the lunch was yummy without being asked!!


Bread - wholemeal/white
Butter - to spread
Cheese - spreadable/slice
Filling - as you wish (jam/vegetable curry/egg/meat)
Edible ink pen/icing writing gel tubes

Things Required

Cookie cutters


1. Cut bread into desired shapes.
2. Spread butter onto one piece of bread.
3. Spread the filling (jam/egg/curry/ meat)
4. Cover it with another slice of same shape.
5. Add some more detail by drawing some smiley faces or writing any words.

Try it & don't forget to send me your experience & comments about it.

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