Sunday, July 08, 2012

Fruit Kebab

Fruits are natures gift which can be eaten raw or made into jams, pies, tart, fruit custard, now kebabs...

Food will always be interesting if we make little variations to the usual method of cooking.

Fruit kebabs are the easiest way to attract fussy eaters of fruits. The photo posted here is a plain kebab as I was skeptical when I prepared the kebab for the first time if it's going to be a "hit" with my kids, but it turned to be "super hit".

But I have given some ideas for topping to make it more interesting.


Fruits of your choice (pineapple, rock melon, honeydew, strawberry, grapes. You can also add raspberry, blue berry, mandarins, watermelon. Etc,)
Kebab skrewer - as required
Decoration - desiccated dry coconut or chocolate dip or salt & pepper to make it peppy.


1. With clean hands cut fruits in to desired shapes & keep it separately.
2. Now, using the kebab skrewer insert the fruits slices using all the variety of fruits.
3. For topping to make it more interesting, place dry desiccated coconut in a plate & role the kebab on to it. OR
Drizzle chocolate dip sauce over the kebab. OR
For peppy taste lovers, mix required salt & pepper in a cup and drizzle on top of the fruits.

It can also be grilled using a grill before decorating though.

Fruit kebabs are best when its fresh. You can refrigerate the kebab for 1 hour before serving.

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